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When businesses are facing a slippery floor dilemma, they contact SLIPSTOP to ensure that the floor meets all international standards. SLIPSTOP is proud to announce its unique ANTI SLIP TREATMENT for all commercial spaces. Our expertise is only charged out at the time of the initial anti-slip application that will last a minimum of 5 years. When a slip fall risk is identified, the customer’s relevant department will contact a SLIPSTOP technician to rectify the problem. SLIPSTOP will do a sample, and then if the sample is satisfactory and the quote is accepted, SLIPSTOP will complete the job and the floor will be slip resistant in line with the relevant standards.

SLIPSTOP anti slip Treatments
are sophisticated chemical treatments that will render natural stones, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, concrete, terrazzo etc. slip-resistant within hours. With 26 different products, we have the perfect solution for almost any floor. First the floor is deep cleaned and prepared for the anti-slip treatment, then the anti-slip treatment is applied. Each step of the process is carefully monitored and documented by our own experienced and competent staff.

At this stage SLIPSTOP will give the warranty to the customer. This warranty will stay in effect for however long the customer remains on our SLIPSTOP Cleaning Program, which can be for the lifetime of the floor surface, and is based on the customer following our recommendations; all to maintain customer due diligence, and to maintain the safety conditions of the treated floor surface. In doing so if an unfortunate slip fall accident should occur, the SLIPSTOP warranty will provide the customer with all relevant documentation showing that they have indeed taken all necessary practical steps, and their due diligence to provide and maintain a safer working environment.

The achieved level of slip-resistance is documented and supplied to the client in writing together with the guarantee certificate and cleaning guidelines.

Static Friction test result below.

Static Friction test result

Dynamic Friction test result below.

dynamic friction test results

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