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Williams Island Spa Miami

Often called Floridas Riviera…SLIPSTOP was contracted to solve the slippery floors inside Williams Island prestigious Spa.

anti slip treatment Williams sialnd






Hayden Ferry Lakeside Tempe, AZ

This beautiful building was built 2008 and SLIPSTOP was contracted to treat more than 15,000 Sq.F in various areas before the launch party took place.

Contract was finished in 3 days and very satisfied customers of ours.

slip and fall prevention inside Hayden Ferry lakeside

Southern Community Bank Building Orlando

Before the opened the Southern Community Bank Building in Orlando they needed to make sure all the floors met the coefficient of friction 0.5+. SLIPSTOP was then contracted to anti slip treat major areas inside the building.

SLIPSTOP anti slip treatment

Delano Hotel Miami

Who does not recognize this hotel in Miami, the wold famous Delano. SLIPSTOP has also been contracted by them.

anti slip treatment




















Heathrow Airport, London

One of the worlds busiest airports and with a 69 million passengers every year. Airport authorites choosed SLIPSTOP to make their floors safe and meet the required coefficent of friction.

SLIPSTOP anti slip treatment

Schiphol Airport Holland

With almost 50 millions travellers every year makes this to a very busy airport and of the largest in the world. SLIPSTOP have several times been contracted to treat major areas inside Schiphol airport.

SLIPSTOP anti slip Treatment

Sydney Airport

Sydney airport was SLIPSTOP anti slip treated to meet the required coefficient of friction

slipstop anti slip treated

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