Anti Slip Treatment

Slip prevention is paramount as millions of people suffer, not only from the obvious result of slip and fall accidents, but more commonly from the less spectacular problems slippery surfaces create. The frequent movement in places with slippery floors often causes muscle tension and headaches that lead to a lack of concentration as well as absence from work.

Anti-Slip Treatment Effective on:

The industry-leading Slipstop anti-slip treatments are a proven and cost-effective solution for slippery floor problems. With just a single application, your floors will become safe within hours. Once our treatment has been carried out, you will receive a 5-year warranty from us.

What does the Anti-Slip Treatment do for us?

Our own specially trained personnel carries out the Slipstop anti-slip treatments at times most convenient to the location. This eliminates the need for a shutdown of the facilities, meaning no reduction of regular operations and minimum inconvenience.

The Slipstop slippery floor treatments are different from the anti-slip floor coatings and will not peel off at any time. Through a chemical reaction, the Slipstop anti-slip treatment for decking, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vinyl flooring, and other floor types create a microstructure that allows you to confidently walk  even when exposed to water, grease, oil etc.


After a Slipstop anti-slip treatment has been carried out at your location, sustaining a maximum level of floor safety is important. Our range of professional aftercare cleaner products is specially created to properly clean the floors, while perfectly preserving the effect of the Slipstop treatment during its 5-year warranty.

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