Are Anti-Slip Treatments Cost-Effective?

Hello everyone! We get it, safety isn’t always the most popular star of the show when you have a million other   things to juggle. We want to tackle the topic of floor safety. Therefore, here are some key factors about the cost-effectiveness of anti-slip treatments. 💸 The High Price of Slips and Falls 💸 […]

The Environmental Impact of Anti-Slip Treatments: Are They Eco-Friendly?

Slippery surfaces pose a significant risk, especially in high-traffic areas and spaces with frequent exposure to water or other liquids. To mitigate these risks, anti-slip solutions have become irreplaceable. However, in an age where environmental consciousness is paramount, the eco-friendliness of some options available on the market raise concerns. Do anti-slip applications compromise environmental sustainability? […]

🔒 What is the difference between an Anti-Slip Treatment and an Anti-Slip Coating?🔒

🔍 Anti-Slip Treatment: Anti-slip treatments involve chemical processes that provide safety without adding anything to the surface of the material itself. This makes it a permanent long-term solution, which works in both dry and wet conditions. These treatments work by creating microscopic channels on the surface, enhancing traction without adding an extra layer.  They can […]