Below Surface Impregnator Sealer

The Slipstop impregnator sealers are unique polymerized silicone formulations designed for the protection of all porous tile and stone surfaces. They seal the pores while allowing the surface to breathe.

Moreover, the low viscosity allows maximum penetration and superior coverage. This Slipstop slippery floor treatment is UV transparent, resists acid rain and will not yellow under any circumstances. It is equally effective for interior and exterior applications and inhibits the growth of mould, mildew and fungus in humid and damp areas.

Because the Slipstop impregnator sealers are not surface coatings, they penetrate deep into the treated material and retain its natural look Subsequently, dirt, water and oils are prevented from penetrating and are easily removed through regular maintenance methods.

The Below Surface Impregnator Sealer is for:

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