Cleaning Guidelines

Congratulations, reading this means your floor is safe.

To maintain it, please follow these guidelines:

Clean your floor with the recommended Slipstop liquid cleaner, while adhering to your tile manufacturer's guidelines. Ensure the removal of all excess material with a wet vac.
Step 1
When using S 055 or S 015, dilute with up to 40 parts of warm water dependent upon severity of the task.
Step 1
It is recommended to give the floor a thorough scrub with a deck brush or a scrubbing machine at least once a month.
Step 1
If you use a mechanical scrubber, use only with a brush attachment. DO NOT USE AN ABRASIVE PAD.
Step 1
DO NOT USE A POWDERED DETERGENT as it leaves calcite film on the surface.
Step 1
DO NOT POLISH OR SEAL SLIPSTOP TREATED FLOORS as this will negate the treatment.
Step 1

When these guidelines are followed, the floor is guaranteed to stay slip-resistant for a minimum of five years (safe classification measured with a TRACSCAN 2.0 friction tester).

In cases where the above guidelines are ignored, you will experience a decline in slip resistance through a buildup of contamination on the floor. This can be restored by deep cleaning the floor with Slipstop “Wax and Grease Remover – S85”, followed by a thorough scrubbing with Slipstop “Multi Surface Solution – S055”.

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