Will I have to close my business during the anti-slip treatment?

No shutdown of your facilities required. Slipstop’s trained professionals are used to working with businesses that have very little downtime. An out of hours service of overnight, evening or weekend work can be arranged to avoid any unnecessary disruption to your business.

Who applies the Slipstop anti-slip treatment?

A Slipstop anti-slip treatment is applied only by our own personnel who are certified and part of our continuous training and safety programs. This work is in safe hands and will never be outsourced to external sub-contractors.

Does Slipstop treatment alter the appearance of my floors?

The Slipstop anti-slip floor treatments does not have any detrimental effect on the appearance of your floors. In high risk cases with highly polished surfaces, we will advise in those instances where a slight loss of shine is advised to meet stringent safety requirements. In the majority of cases Slipstop achieves a safe floor area without any change in appearance.

How long does the Slipstop treatment last?

The Slipstop treatment lasts for a  minimum of 5 years. When the cleaning guidelines are followed, subject to the quality of the floor and amount of foot traffic, you can expect a Slipstop treatment to last for a time far in excess of the 5 year guarantee period. Unlike a coating the floor has to wear down for the treatment to wear off.

Does Slipstop’s treatment work on all floors?

Slipstop’s technology works on most all natural stone, ceramic and granite floor surfaces. It is not a coating and therefore not suitable for wooden or synthetic floor surfaces.  Each surface is analyzed closely to select the relevant Slipstop treatment to achieve optimum safety results.

How do we maintain a Slipstop Treated Floor?

Cleaning guidelines will be issued and you will automatically be enrolled in our ongoing safety program. Your Slipstop project manager will give feedback and carry out any onsite trainings on the effective maintenance of  Slipstop treated floors. Protect your warranty fully with the supply of  Slipstop floor cleaning products.

Do I have to purchase Slipstop maintenance products after a treatment?

No, you are not obligated to purchase any Slipstop cleaning products after the treatment. However, to maintain the validity of your Slipstop warranty, you must use approved products that do not leave a slippery residue. Many insurance companies provide a reduction on policy fees for using Slipstop anti-slip treatments. Check with your insurance provider.

How can I join the Slipstop Safety Program?

As part of our Service Package, you will automatically become a member of the Slipstop Safety Program. Upon completion of the required work, a final risk assessment will be carried out along the final slip resistant testing. Once the quality control has been completed, you will be added to our Slipstop Safety Program with easy access to your floor safety test conformity data and warranty.

Does the Slipstop anti-slip treatment need to be reapplied?

A Slipstop treatment is a once only application guaranteed for minimum 5 years. Any decline in the original high slip resistance that a Slipstop treatment achieves will be dependant upon wear and tear if the floor.The floor will be risk assessed at the end of the guarantee period as part of your Safety program. A booster treatment can be applied if necessary.

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