Franchisee Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SLIPSTOP Franchisee.

Every year we are inundated with enquiries from potential franchisees around the world, eager to become SLIPSTOP Master Franchisees. They all recognise SLIPSTOP as the world’s leading specialists in tiled floor safety. SLIPSTOP is unique and the concept is so successful that potential franchisees sometimes are a little over-enthusiastic and want to start too quickly. We cannot stress enough, that it takes a large amount of commitment, time investment and the right attitude to establish a successful franchise operation, but the rewards are astounding.


For this reason, we consider each application very carefully. It is essential, even at this early stage that you understand what is involved in becoming a SLIPSTOP Master Franchisee, and how SLIPSTOP operates.

Please fill out the information below and our headoffice will get back to you shortly.