Will I Have to Close My Business During Treatments?

SLIPSTOP’s trained professionals have worked with businesses that have very little downtime. Late night, evening or weekend treatments can be arranged to avoid a disruption to your business.

Who Applies The SLIPSTOP Treatment?

It takes many years of experience to learn which treatments go with which floors. The timing of the application is critical to the success of the treatment. This work is never outsourced to outside companies. SLIPSTOP’s trained employees and contractors apply the treatment. The application is included in the project’s price.

Does SLIPSTOP Alter The Appearance of My Floors?

SLIPSTOP’s anti slippery floor treatments typically have no affect on the appearance of your floors. In some instances there might be a slight loss of of shine, the important point is that the shine creates the slippery surface. There is a small chance of a minor color change. SLIPSTOP recommends that the entire surface area get treated for uniformity of appearance as opposed to treating the high traffic portion.

How Long Does the SLIPSTOP Warranty Last?

The SLIPSTOP warranty lasts 5 years. It guarantees that your floor will have a minimum coefficient of friction of .5 or SLIPSTOP will retreat the floor for free.

Do I Have to Purchase SLIPSTOP Products After a Treatment?

You do not have to purchase cleaners from SLIPSTOP.
Many commercial floor cleaners leave a film on the surface of floors. After time this leads to aquaplaning and an increased incidence of slip and fall accidents. In order to maintain your warranty with SLIPSTOP products that leave a slippery residue are not allowed. Your SLIPSTOP project manager can give you feedback on the effectiveness of your favorite floor products and / or supply you with SLIPSTOP cleaners.

Do SLIPSTOP’S Treatments Work on All Floors?

SLIPSTOP’s technology works on most floor surfaces except for cork, rubber, wood, vinyl and epoxy floors.
SLIPSTOP’s treatments are perfect for ceramic, marble, concrete, and stone surfaces. Each surface is analyzed closely and then the best treatment is applied. Call for a complimentary consultation about anti slip protection on your floor surface.

Are There Any Tax Credits or Deductions for Using SLIPSTOP’S Anti Slip Treatments?

Many insurance companies provide a reduction on policy fees for using SLIPSTOP anti slip treatments. Check with your insurance provider.