Slipstop Cleaning Products

Our Slipstop cleaning products are produced in our chemical laboratories in Europe, where we constantly improve our formulas and push the quality standards in the cleaning products industry.

The Slipstop cleaner range is designed to sustain the high level of safety achieved with minimum effort and includes products for specialised surface upkeep as well as general-purpose cleaning.  

The famous floor cleaner that we are known for. 

Recommended for upkeeping Slipstop treated floors in areas with high contaminations; kitchens, food processing areas, pool, etc.

100% biodegradable cleaner, specially designed for cleaning marble and granite floors.

One of the best carpet cleaners you have ever tried and ideal for use on computer equipment and other plastic surfaces.

Specially designed SLIPSTOP cleaning product that is very tough on polish, wax, grease, body fat, and dirt.

Ideal for a variety of surfaces, including ceramics, concrete, tiles, marble, and others.

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