Our treatment makes floors safe over night, can be applied to existing floors, works in wet and dry conditions, and is guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 years.


Seals and protects the floor from the elements. Also brings out the natural sparkle of the stone (marble and granite).


all this is to no avail if your floors aren’t clean. So we’ve created a range of professional cleaners to get your floors clean AND safe

After a SLIPSTOP treatment, your floors are safer the better they are cleaned. These products are especially designed to sustain a maximum level of floor safety.

SLIPSTOP anti-slip treatments have over and over again proved to be the best and most cost effective solution to slippery floor problems. SLIPSTOP anti-slip treatments are single application treatments that make slippery floors slip-resistant within hours.

Slip prevention is paramount as millions of people suffer, not only from the obvious result of accidents, but more commonly from the less spectacular problems slippery surfaces create. People who work in places with slippery floors, frequently suffer from muscle tension and headaches, leading to lack of concentration as well as absence from work.

SLIPSTOP anti-slip treatments are not coatings and will consequently not peel off at any time. Through a chemical reaction, SLIPSTOP treatments create a micro structure to the surface, leaving the floors slip-resistant even when exposed to water, grease, oil etc.

Anti-Slip Treatments are effective on:

  • Ceramic, Vitrified, Porcelain, Mosaic and Quarry Tiles
  • Terrazzo
  • Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine
  • Reconstituted Stone
  • Concrete

SLIPSTOP treatments are carried out by our own specially trained personnel at times most convenient to the location. Smaller contracts are normally completed within a few hours, with no drying or curing time. This eliminates the need for shutdown of the facilities; no loss of profit and minimum inconvenience.


  • Dramatically reduces slip accidents
  • Effective under wet and dry conditions
  • Single application, guaranteed for 5 years
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Invisible, does not alter the appearance
  • Rejuvenates old and worn tiles
  • Kills bacteria and deters re-growth
  • Requires no drying or curing time
  • Ensures your floor conforms international standards
  • MAF approved for use in food production areas