Friction Tester


The FSC 2000 is as standard supplied with 3 different sliders. The Red slider is fitted with a leather sole. Leather absorbs water and by doing so becomes slip-resistant. It is therefore not suitable for wet measurements (even shoes with leather soles have a heel made of rubber or synthetic material, so that will be the determining material).The Black slider is a standard rubber shoe sole material and can be used for both dry and wet measurements. Rubber generally gives higher readings than synthetic shoe soles. All the sliders measure the coefficient of friction.The blue slider is a synthetic shoe sole material and can be used for both wet and dry measurements.As previously explained, dry measurements are irrelevant, as they do not say anything about the risk of slipping (No inferences regarding the safety of a surface while in a wet or lubricated state can be drawn from traction measurements made while the surface is dry.) William English.