Slipstop News: We’ve Rebranded!

At last, we are ready to share with you all the amazing changes that have been passionately cooking in the “Slipstop kitchen”. After a period of hard work and global challenges, we’re thrilled to announce we have rebranded!

But, Why the Change?

Truth be told, it really was about time. Our previous website was developed in the early 2000’s and it was doing its job well for that day and age. As technology has progressed so much in the last two decades, it’s clear that what our old webpage offered was now falling short for the needs of our clients and was simply no longer enough to meet the requirements.

Collecting feedback from our clients and partners, helped us to bring the puzzle together. An automated user platform was needed, where one can track their previous treatments, receive reminders for their warranty, order new products, among other features. And we listened!

The Rebranding of Slipstop

Adding a user portal and a new look on our website was simply not enough for us. We realised that since we are determined to make a real significant change, we had to go all the way! It involved many brave steps, careful planning, and countless meetings to modernise both the Slipstop brand as well as some key internal processes.

We left no stone unturned. First, we began by redoing the Slipstop logo. It was important for us to move forward and come up with a more modern look, but also stay true to our 40 years of history.

Rebranding our long-standing logo and corporate colours was quite an emotional journey for us. The process brought back memories of the very first “Slipping Man” design, of the first brochures, adverts, and exposition stands. It was a sentimental stroll along “Memory lane”, but we loved it!

Changing the logo made us realise that our brand message “Your partner in safety”, did not represent the emotions, feelings, and corporate values that we have at Slipstop in the 2020s. We take our job as something of utmost importance. 

Our anti-slip treatment minimises the risk of slipping over, allowing people to walk confidently, without any worry. As you can guess, the words came naturally and we embraced them!

“Walk with Confidence”

… and so we did! We aimed high and walked with confidence. In addition to changing the exterior, our product managers and operations specialists joined forces to improve the internal processes as well. 

To enhance efficiency and project management, we seamlessly integrated cutting-edge software solutions that streamlined our workflows and boosted productivity across the board. Moreover, we recognized the need for top-notch expertise and expanded our teams with skilled professionals, particularly in our marketing and sales departments. By welcoming these industry experts, we ensured that our services are delivered with utmost precision and effectiveness.

But our commitment didn’t stop there. We strived to go beyond industry standards and embrace environmentally safe practices. Transitioning to a paper-free office environment, we championed a paperless approach that minimised waste and reduced our ecological footprint. Additionally, our dedication to safety and quality earned us the esteemed safe contractor approval, solidifying our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy organisation.

In our pursuit of product excellence, we left no stone unturned. Investing in advanced machinery and utilising state-of-the-art friction testers, we honed and perfected our product formulas. This approach enabled us to expand our range of anti-slip treatments, offering not only superior effectiveness but also an eco-friendly composition. By prioritising sustainability, we ensure that our solutions align with the needs of our environmentally conscious clientele.

With enhanced internal processes, a talented team of experts, environmentally conscious practices, and an expanded range of eco-friendly products, we are well-positioned to provide exceptional value to our clients. As we continue to evolve, we remain dedicated to walking with confidence, pushing boundaries, and delivering outstanding results in every endeavour we undertake.

What Does the Future Hold?

As we embark on this exciting journey of rebranding, Slipstop looks ahead with great anticipation to what the future holds. We are confident that our renewed identity will empower us to further innovate, inspire, and serve our valued customers in even more meaningful ways. With a fresh perspective, unwavering commitment to quality, and a steadfast dedication to safety, we are ready to conquer new horizons and establish Slipstop International as a trailblazer in the industry. 

Together, we will step into the future, leaving our mark on every path we tread. Join us, as we embrace this transformative chapter and unlock endless possibilities for a safer and more stylish world. The future is bright, and Slipstop International is ready to make its mark.